48-Track Freestyle Music Creation on iPad & iPhone

AudioLoopz is a flexible loop recorder and sequencer with 48 stereo tracks, unique percussive sampling, track controls and patterns for rapid interactive music creation and performance.

With AudioLoopz you can

  • Create entirely original beats, loops, backings and songs by recording and mixing audio
  • Experiment with harmonic and rhythmic ideas, in the studio or on-the-move
  • Record and layer continuous loops or record multiple takes
  • Sample individual drum sounds for rapid beat creation
  • Adjust track values rapidly such as loop length, position, clip, gate, attack and release
  • Mix tracks using mute, cue and patterns
  • Switch instantly between patterns while keeping the beat
  • Import audio from other apps
  • Record mixes and performances live from within AudioLoopz
  • Export or Share as m4a audio

AudioLoopz supports MIDI pedal control, count-in to a specified time, sound activated recording, rapid layering and live effects pads for delay and automatable filter.

With percussive record you can sample and sequence short percussive sounds such as drums. This can form a solid groove and basis for layering live instrumental or vocal loops. Mute tracks instantly on / off, edit loop lengths, adjust levels, select tracks and apply delay & filter ...

Instantly store the current mutes to one of the 12 patterns. Change and cue patterns whilst keeping the beat - even between patterns of different lengths. Export and share your mixes and performances as m4a audio.

Connect headphones (or a PA) for best results, especially when recording loops, so you can listen to the input in real-time (THRU) and keep in groove.

Use a sound card or audio interface to connect microphones and electric / electronic instruments for direct audio input.