Powerful 48-track freestyle music creation app

for iPhone & iPad

AudioLoopz is a flexible loop recorder and mixer with 48 stereo tracks, unique percussive sampling, track controls and song sections for interactive music creation and performance.

  • Create entirely original beats, loops, backings and songs by recording and mixing audio
  • Experiment with harmonic and rhythmic ideas, in the studio or on-the-move
  • Record and layer continuous loops or record multiple takes
  • Sample individual drum sounds for rapid beat creation
  • Adjust track parameters swiftly with powerful edit modes such as loop length, position, begin, attack and release time
  • Mix tracks using mute / cue modes and song sections
  • Switch instantly between song sections while keeping the beat
  • Import audio from other apps
  • Record mixes and performances live from within AudioLoopz
  • Export or Share as m4a audio

AudioLoopz' Powerful Features

AudioLoopz supports MIDI pedal control, count-in to a specified time, sound activated recording, flexible loop length (division or multiple), multiple layers or takes, and effect pads for delay & automatable filter.

A solid groove can form a good basis for layering further loops. With Drum Record you can record short percussive sounds in sequence. You then have full control of each sounds' parameters. Mute tracks instantly on / off, edit track loop lengths, adjust track levels .. and more!

Swiftly store the current mutes to a 'song section' and switch instantly while keeping the beat, even between sections with different lengths. Export and share your mixes and performances (as m4a audio).

Connect headphones (or a PA) for best results, especially when recording rhythmic loops, so you can listen to the input in real-time (THRU) and keep in groove.

Use a sound card or audio interface to connect microphones and electric or electronic instruments, for direct audio input.